Joey + Rory singer Joey Feek celebrated a precious milestone with her daughter, Indiana, on Thursday (Dec. 17).

The singer is currently in what doctors say will probably be the final stage of her battle with Stage 4 cancer. She has undergone extensive surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, but doctors have told the couple that there is nothing more they can do for her, and she recently ended her treatments.

She is currently in hospice care, but the brave singer has been feeling well enough to get out of bed again lately, and has been able to spend some time with her precious daughter. She posted some sweet pictures to Facebook on Thursday showing her playing with Indiana in her hospital-style bed, with mother and daughter both looking as happy as they could possibly be. The photos are captioned, "...birthday bed-time kisses from Mama. Good night little one, today you are 22 months old."

Though doctors have given Feek a tough prognosis, her husband and duo partner, Rory Feek, recently revealed that she has set a goal for herself to live until February so that she can see both the Grammy Awards — in which Joey + Rory are nominated for Best Country Duo/Group Performance — and Indiana's second birthday.

“She’s so faith-filled and determined,” Rory says, “don’t be surprised if you see us sitting in the audience at the award show, holding hands and smiling when they open the ballot and read the winner’s name.”

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