Joey and Rory Feek are home, less than two weeks after Joey underwent surgery in her ongoing battle with cancer.

She was recently diagnosed with Stage IV cervical cancer, a year after undergoing surgery for the same disease. She had surgery again on July 9, and while there are still challenges ahead, for the moment she has been given the all-clear to go home. Rory posted the picture above to Facebook on Saturday (July 18), letting fans know that his wife was released from the hospital and allowed to stay with him and their daughter at their hotel before returning home. From the looks of things, she's had the chance to visit with other family and friends, too.

According to a post Rory shared at his blog, This Life I Live, after Joey's surgery, the couple will have two weeks at home before she begins chemotherapy and radiation, which will be followed by a full 18 weeks of more aggressive chemotherapy.

Despite the challenges they are facing, the couple are remaining strong in their faith.

“Some roads we go down in life are smooth and easy, and some we take are rough and rocky,” Rory writes. “This one’s gonna be a little bumpy and scary at times… but we’re gonna go down it together the same way we’ve gone down all the ones before — hand in hand — taking it one moment, one hour, and one day at a time.”

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