Coming into this week's episode, John Rich was one of the last five men standing on 'Celebrity Apprentice.' He was also coming off of a week as project manager, and while Team Backbone didn't win, he still raised millions for his charity and demonstrates a keen understanding for each and every project that falls across his team's desk.

This week, Rich went back to being a regular support player instead of running the show, and the artist really pays attention the marketing aspects of the challenges and tries to ascertain what the clients want and then acts accordingly. Rich certainly is not an impulse player on the show, and it's working to his favor! This week, the celebs were asked to engage the general public with a marketing campaign for Australian Gold sunscreen, which had to include a decorated glass box. The men employed a pirate concept, which was panned, but many aspects of their campaign were given a thumbs up!

When Team Backbone came before Donald Trump in the board room to find out if the men or the women were the victors, project manager, vocalist and TV host Mark McGrath said that Rich and singer Meat Loaf were two of the most creative guys he has ever worked with -- and they were tied for the most valuable members of Team Backbone.

Clearly, Rich has been a steel beam of support and a fount of ideas throughout each challenge. The execs at Australian Gold also loved how Rich was chanting during his team's presentation. However, Team Backbone lost for the second week in a row, despite a strong showing.

Rich was not fired this week, and he goes on to the next round and will compete as one of the final four remaining members of Team Backbone.