On last night's episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' country star John Rich made it through another round safely and soundly and continued to work his tail off to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. During the episode's opening, Rich was able to visit his charity to hand them a $600,000 check, which he earned as project manager during the art gallery challenge.

Even though Rich's team earned a boatload of money, they still lost that challenge but were allowed to keep the money they had raised for their charity, as both Rich and his opponent, actress Marlee Matlin, agreed in advance to allow the loser to keep the money they raised for their respective charity. All the work, the drama and the battles became incredibly tangible as Rich was able to drop off a nice, big check as he continues the quest to win the season.

This week's episode overdosed on the NeNe Leakes/Star Jones drama and featured some return engagements from fired cast members, as the teams were asked to produce a live hair show and to utilize Farouk hair products in the process. Rich was able to bring back model Niki Taylor, who was eliminated in the earlier rounds, to help the men's team this time out. Rich felt that Taylor brought a lot to the show during her brief time and could contribute even further, and she surely did.

Rich continues to be full of surprises, and he's savvy as he plays to win. His moves are careful and calculated, but never Machiavellian. He has lasted deep into the season and his charming, good-natured guile could be enough to help him take it all.