For the tenth episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' there were a bunch of shake-ups. Not only did Team Backbone and Team A.S.A.P. have to compete in two challenges during this three-hour (and a bit too long) episode, but the teams swapped members. It's nothing if not exciting as things get down to the wire. Country superstar John Rich is still standing and remains one of the strongest, smartest players in the competition. We're more convinced than ever that he could take this!

For the first task, the teams had to produce, and sell tickets for, a live comedy event. Singer Meat Loaf switched teams with NeNe Leakes for this task, but Leakes, a major source o' drama this season, quit! "NeNe is so disappointing to me," Rich commented. "You can't abandon us. She didn't even say goodbye!" Wow, that's not a very nice way for Leakes to make her exit.

That didn't stop Rich from getting talk show host Jimmy Fallon to join Team Backbone for this challenge. Rich really has a knack for recruiting friends and funds for these challenges. The man certainly knows how to utilize his resources and how to sidestep the drama.

For the second task, the celebrities were asked to create a minute-long commercial for OnStar vehicular security systems. Rich took the reigns for Team Backbone on this challenge, once again facing off against actress Marlee Matlin, who captained Team A.S.A.P. Rich prevailed, with Team Backbone taking the crown, as John and Jon (AKA Rapper Lil Jon) work so well together.

In the board room, however, Rich piped up when Matlin and Star Jones tried to blame Rich's former teammate as the reason for losing the challenge. "They're eating Meat Loaf like a sandwich,” Rich punned.

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