On last night's episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' tension boiled over between country star John Rich and actor Gary Busey. Now, let's be honest. Everyone on the show has locked horns with the exhausting Busey in one way, shape or form this season, so it's not like Rich was singling Busey out.

Most of the episode pitted Rich and Busey against one another, with Rich acknowledging that Busey is either crazy, savvy, a saboteur or both. Yes, he used the word "saboteur." Rich seemed to have Busey's number and is being careful since his sole focus is winning the whole shebang for his charity, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

The evening's challenge was to create meals and marketing campaigns for Omaha Steaks, and Busey served as the project manager. During the process of working together, Busey called Rich "boy," something he did not take kindly to. He had to flat out tell Busey it bothered him and got an apology after the fact and it's the maddest we've ever seen the normally even-tempered Rich get.

In the board room, Rich called Busey's project management skills into question, calling it a "catastrophic collapse of time management." Team Backbone lost for the third week in a row, despite a decent showing with the project, and it was the remaining men vs. Busey.

Donald Trump asked why Busey did not utilize more of Rich's talents, since he has been a star on the show all season and was criminally underused for this task. Meat Loaf pointed out that without Rich's contributions, they may not have had a presentation for this challenge, so Rich makes a difference even when he is a support player. Rich also brought up his distaste at being referred to as "boy," since he is a grown man! Rich said that working with Busey tried his patience like it has never been tried in his life.

Busey was ultimately fired and Rich remains, along with Meat Loaf and Lil Jon.