John Rich is still holding strong on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' where he is competing against five remaining contestants for the big prize -- which for him, is support for his chosen charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. To help the process along, the singer will not only release his six-track 'Rich Rocks' EP on May 17, he'll also drop a charitable EP called 'For the Kids.'

'Rich Rocks' boasts collaborations from lots of big name artists, including Kid Rock, Hank Williams Jr., and rapper Lil Jon. The EP leads with Rich's popular single 'Country Done Come to Town,' and has been described as a "unique blend of country meets rock n’ roll."

'For the Kids' will be unleashed the same day, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the short record will benefit the children of St. Jude's directly. That EP, also six tracks, includes the writer/singer/producer's charitable single with the same name, 'For the Kids.'

On this week's 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Rich was able to visit St. Jude's and hand them a $600,000 check that he earned as project manager during a show challenge. It's likely that the dual EP release will show similar success, being that Rich is the only country music artist in history to land a Top 15 single as a solo artist, as well as a part of a duo and as part of a group (Lonestar). The season finale of 'Celebrity Apprentice' airs on May 22, just a few days after the debut of these two EPs on May 17.

'Rich Rocks' Track List:

1. 'Country Done Come to Town'
2. 'You Had Me From Hell No' (feat. Lil Jon)
3. 'Mack Truck' (feat. Kid Rock)
4. 'You Rock Me'
5. 'Texas' (feat. Cowboy Troy)
6. 'Let Somebody Else Drive' (feat. Hank Williams, Jr.)

'For the Kids' Track List:

1. 'For the Kids'
2. 'Thank God for Kids'
3. 'Where Angels Hang Around'
4. 'She’s a Butterfly'
5. 'Simplify'
6. 'Rescue Me'