As if John Rich doesn't have enough on his plate these days as a finalist on 'Celebrity Apprentice' and planning a reunion tour with his duo, Big and Rich, the singer has just released two new six-song EPs: 'Rich Rocks' and 'For the Kids.'

"I like six-packs because they’re only like $6," Rich tells Taste of Country. "It’s a new project with full-blown art and six new songs. You can really do concept projects like that, which I like."

'For the Kids' is a special album geared toward the younger audience, and it features Rich's remake of the Oak Ridge Boys' classic song 'Thank God for Kids,' as well as five other tunes.

"I think 'Thank God for Kids' is probably one of the best kid songs ever," Rich says. "There's also a couple of things I wrote with Big Kenny on that album. It’s a really cool listen, and it’s got a lot of heart in it."

Rich will be performing the title track of 'For the Kids' live on 'Celebrity Apprentice' this Sunday (May 22) with his runner-up, Marlee Matlin, sitting beside him and signing the lyrics. All of the proceeds from 'For the Kids' will go directly to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the organization in which Rich is raising money for in his 'Celebrity Apprentice' challenge. So far, Rich has given $750,000 to the hospital for tasks he's won on the show.

Rich's other EP, 'Rich Rocks,' is more along the lines of what his fans have come to expect from the spontaneous entertainer.

"'Rich Rocks' is probably the 180 of ‘For the Kids,'" Rich says with a smile. "It’s got Kid Rock on there and Hank Jr. and my ‘Apprentice’ brother from a different mother, Lil Jon, who makes an appearance on this record. The whole concept of 'Rich Rocks' is that it never stops. From the time you put it into your stereo to the time it’s over, it never stops. I didn’t even let a song end before the next one started. It’s almost like you’re in a big club and the DJ’s mixing the music, so it never ends. That’s how this record was recorded, and if you want a record to rock your car speakers this summer, that’s the one!"

Look for Rich on the road this summer with Big and Rich and Gretchen Wilson on their Xtreme Muzik Tour, which kicks off on June 18 in Springfield, Mo. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.