John Rich is currently working his tail off to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital as a competitor on this season of 'Celebrity Apprentice.' Doing the show has given Rich a renewed perspective on life in the public eye and how to react accordingly, as he tells KILT that "I can tell you firsthand and Trace Adkins can tell you the same thing, that it makes you act in a way that you normally wouldn't act."

"You won't say certain things to people that you might say in regular life, because you are not there for yourself," Rich continues. "Because you are there for your charity that is close and near and dear to you, man, you will go all out to try and win the thing and really take people on."

Thankfully, Rich hasn't engaged in many major, heated battles with his teammates -- yet --  save for a few questions from former baseball player Jose Canseco about Rich's lyrics for the children's book from a previous challenge. But Rich also tells US99 Country that if he "cracks heads' with the confrontational Star Jones, "it's going to get real interesting."

Rich also speaks fondly about his famous fellow castmates, saying singer Meat Loaf is an "emotional roller coaster all the time" and that when firecracker actor Gary Busey became a project manager, Rich counts "that as one of the longest days of my life."

As for Busey, who is highly entertaining due to his renegade behavior, Rich says, "A thousand years ago, a spaceship came to Earth, planted an egg in the soil in Texas and it sprouted 65 years ago. Out came a little baby named Gary Busey. I don't know if Gary is immortal. He may be. After being around the guy, I am convinced he is not human." Rich also posed this frightening scenario, given the fact that viewers can become exhausted just from watching the billion-miles-an-hour Busey on the show: "Imagine being locked in a building, at the Trump Tower, for days and weeks on end, with the guy, in high pressure situations," Rich jokes, proving his unwavering love and dedication for St. Jude's!

Rich also dispels the myths about what he is thinking during episodes, saying, "You probably look at my face, wonder what John is thinking! I can tell you. It's 'Holy crap, what have I gotten myself into!'" based on the craziness and drama of castmates! He continues, "These people are out of their minds, half of them. I am constantly reminding myself, 'Don't engage this crazy person over here and say something you regret. Don't forget you are here playing for a bunch of kids you are not here on behalf of yourself."

The signer also recently announced that his band Big and Rich will be out and about this summer, saying, "We're booking a tour, 40-50 cities, all through the summer, with Gretchen Wilson. We are going to go back on the road and tear it up."