John Rich took time last week to shoot a behind-the-scenes video to give fans a sneak peek at tonight's Episode 3 of 'Celebrity Apprentice.' Of the episode, Rich says, "I don't fly so under the radar. I get to step forward just a little bit and I'll tell you that country music songwriting and Gibson Guitars play a major role in next weeks episode." He adds, "and I'm really pumped for you guys to see it and proud for Nashville to see it."

Last Sunday on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' actress Lisa Rinna acted as the project manager, causing her team to lose and Donald Trump to send her packing. John Rich did not speak out about that on the show, but in his behind-the scenes video this week, the country star reveals he agreed with Trump's choice.

It wasn't until Rich watched the show last week at home that he finally got to see what happened in the board room at the very end of episode two. He said, "I wish Lisa would have fought a little bit harder. She seemed like such a strong player and I wondered why she got fired so soon -- but I understand it now, she didn't fight for herself, she really didn't."

"'Celebrity Apprentice' is all about raising money for your charity," Rich adds. "That should make you so ferocious and so unwilling to bend for anybody, that you go all the way down to the mat and there's nothing left. I don't feel like she did that."

Last week, Rich also tweeted, "Observation: Just took my son Cash to the Nashville Zoo,and it was more civilized than some of the board rooms! Haha! Episode3 is a doooozy!" The third episode of this season's 'Celebrity Apprentice' airs tonight on NBC at 9PM ET.

Watch the John Rich 'Celebrity Apprentice' Behind-the-Scenes Video