Last Thursday, 'X Factor' contestant Leroy Bell was caught lip syncing during the show's opening number. Plenty of people, including Big and Rich member John Rich, are now criticizing 'X Factor' for allowing lip syncing during ensemble performances.

John Rich has never been shy about publicly expressing his opinions, and the 'X Factor' controversy is no exception. On his Twitter account, Rich wrote, "Are people really lip sync-ing on X factor? Looks like it to me. I wonder if Johnny Cash ever did that?Willie?Loretta? Not. WEAK!!"

In case you missed the show last week, the remaining finalists took the stage for a group performance of David Guetta and Usher's club track 'Without You.' When his turn came up, Bell failed to bring the mic up the his mouth in time, and the cameras captured his lip syncing flub.

FOX commented on the issue, saying, "All survival songs are performed live, with just a backing track. For the group ensemble performance, the vocals are pre-recorded to allow acts to concentrate on preparing for their own live competitive performances on Wednesdays — this is also no different to what other competition shows do for ensemble performances."

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Watch Leroy Bell Lip Syncing on 'X Factor'