California country boy Jon Pardi has unveiled the good-timing music video for his brand new single, "Back on the Backroads."

Featuring idyllic country surroundings, carefree fun and smiling faces, the video celebrates simple, old-time pleasures like bouncing slow through potholes on your way to meet up with friends, barnyard parties on the county line and dancing on a dirt floor.

With a strong classic country influence (just listen to the horse-trotting backbeat), the two-stepper is all about memories made out in the middle of nowhere, and comes off Pardi's B-Sides 2011-2014 EP.

Pardi even delivers his best Gene Autry impression in the new clip, wearing a vintage Western shirt and singing as his horse lopes along a dirt road, just like an old black-and-white Hollywood cowboy movie.

Eventually, everyone gathers around a bonfire and a backhoe bucket full of beer, ready to make a few back road memories of their own, just like Pardi sings it:

"Just bring your beer or alcohol / Hell, you can even bring your dog / If you get lost just give me a call / We're tearing it up all night long / On the backroads."

In 2013, Pardi took "Up All Night" to no. 11 on the Billboard country airplay chart. He's on tour with Alan Jackson for the Keepin' It Country tour this summer.

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