Jon Pardi's "Head Over Boots" is the singer's biggest hit of his career so far. The song has even brought couples together — it's been featured in numerous weddings — so when Pardi stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio recently, we chatted about the impact the track has had.

"Head Over Boots" has really resonated with country fans, the singer explains.

“There’s been a lot of wedding songs and proposals. It’s cool because when they play it at weddings so it means a lot to them. That’s a big deal," Pardi says. "They’re always going to remember 'Head Over Boots' as played at their wedding."

"I was playing the Gorge at Watershed and this girl was on shoulders and we were playing ‘Head Over Boots’ and she was just crying," he says, recalling a particularly special moment. "She was like, ‘That’s our song!’ That’s what you want as a songwriter and that’s what you want as an artist. You want impact, you want people to really feel like that song means so much to them and that’s what ‘Head Over Boots’ means to them.”

As of this week, "Head Over Boots" is the No. 1 song in country music, and Pardi has some pretty big plans to help him celebrate his first career No. 1.

“For my first No. 1, whether it goes or not, we’re still celebrating because ‘Head Over Boots’ has been a very impactful song, it went gold. There’s a lot to celebrate … We’re in Las Vegas, so I got a suite at the Cosmo. Cole Swindell and Brett Young are going to be there on the same bill so we’re all going out that night. It’s going to be chaotic but that’s what you want with your first No. 1! ... It’s going to be good time. I love those guys."

"Head Over Boots" is on Pardi's album California Sunrise, which is available on iTunes.

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