Jon Pardi's "Head Over Boots" video is a sweet love story through the ages. The romantic visual shows a young couple aging together in the cutest way! Talking with Taste of Country Nights, Pardi claimed the idea for the music video and joked about its prospects.

When it came time to create the video for Pardi's latest single, he had the perfect idea. He channeled his inner Nicholas Sparks and got to work.

“I wrote the plot for that movie. I kind of came up with that whole idea," he explains.

He couldn't do it all himself, though, and he relied a lot on his talented stylist. They collaborated and created looks that would help the couple go through the ages together. Together, they age decade after decade.

"My stylist helped kind of sand the edges and get where the good style was in the '50s and '70s," Pardi tells us. "We kind of knew what the costume would be like and what we were going to do. We just wanted to tell the story of a couple that loved to dance and they met in the '50s and been together ever since. They like to dance, and it’s kind of just a cute little video."

He's not shy about recognizing just how "cute" the video is. He jokes, "I'm expecting an Academy Award" for the video.

The video is up for votes in our Taste of Country Top 10 Video Countdown and his new album, California Sunriseis available now. It includes "Head Over Boots," but we're also big fans of "She Ain't in It" and the title track.

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