Jon Pardi stars as a Roy Orbison impersonator this week on Still the King. In clip from the episode premiering Taste of Country, Pardi appears during a bar fight gone terribly wrong as Elvis impersonators throw punches at each other and to patrons at the bar.

Midway through the brawl Billy Ray Cyrus — who plays an Elvis Presley impersonator — asks Pardi who he is.

"Get out of here, Orbison. You ain't got no dog in this fight," Cyrus says to a frightened Pardi, who is dressed in black with thick Orbison-esque glasses.

Still the King stars Billy Ray Cyrus as washed up singer Vernon Brown. In this episode (airing July 10), Brown risks being thrown back in jail when he crosses state lines to participate in an Elvis impersonating contest. Seconds away from his parole officer catching him, Brown starts a fight between the Elvis and Johnny Cash impersonators, allowing him to escape.

A new episode of Still the King airs each Sunday at 9PM ET on CMT. Cyrus portrays Burnin' Vernon, the washed up one-hit wonder who is kicked out of country music. Twenty years later, he emerges as an Elvis impersonator. He’s had some trouble with the law over the years and most recently is shown in jail after he was arrested for crashing into an old country church sign while drunk. After being sentenced to perform community service, he learns he has a 15-year-old daughter. The series premiered in June.

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