Jon Pardi's new single is a country tribute to vices. Whiskey, cigarettes, pretty women ... these are the things the newcomer sings about during 'What I Can't Put Down.' Watch him perform the song during this intimate video, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country.

"The devil wears black and he goes by Jack and he’s really good at helping me forget," the California native sings to open the track. 'What I Can't Put Down' is the followup to Pardi's Gold-certified hit 'Up All Night,' from his critically hailed debut album 'Write You a Song.' The song sets the tempo for much of what follows.

The second verse is about a country cutie Pardi falls hard for. “It’s all or nothing, keep it coming / Let that feeling run through my veins,” he says to begin the chorus. Pardi, producer Bart Butler and Brice Long wrote 'What I Can't Put Down.'