Josh Gracin will release his third album in November, and he may have given fans at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut a sneak peek on Sunday night. The 'We Weren't Crazy' singer played a tender new love song for the audience, and he may include it on 'Redemption' when it hits stores on November 1.

"'Cause I / Need you tonight / The warmth of your skin / Your body your mind / There's nothing on Earth / That can ever to compare / To lying in your arms," Gracin sings halfway through the song. Various websites report different track listings for 'Redemption,' and it's not clear which is accurate or if this song -- which we're calling 'Hold Me' -- made the cut. 'Can't Say Goodbye' is the current single. It's a song that tells a young war widow's story.

'Redemption' has been in the works for nearly three years, beginning before Gracin's previous record label shuttered in 2010. Gracin is best known for his work in the Marines as well as for finishing fourth during the second season of 'American Idol.' 'I Want to Live' and 'Nothin' to Lose' are his biggest hits.

Watch Josh Gracin Perform a New Song at the Mohegan Sun