Has Josh Kelley had a change in heart about joining his wife, actress Katherine Heigl, on the big screen? Last year, Kelley told Taste of Country that he is fine with sticking to music only, since his family already has the actor part covered. But that might be changing in the near future!

"My agents have asked recently if I’m interested [in acting]," Kelley told Taste of Country last week while packing his bags to head to France so Heigl could do press for her new movie, 'One for the Money.' "I’m usually just like, 'Man, I don’t know' ... it’s just a whole other thing. But if the right thing came around and if I was allowed to keep my beard, I would probably do it [laughs]."

In the meantime, Kelley's connection to the movies will be music related, as he has a song on the upcoming soundtrack to the new film 'Act of Valor.'

"I love writing songs like [the one on the soundtrack]," says Kelley, who said there was no added pressure as a songwriter to take on a song for a movie. "Whenever I sit down to write, my instincts are to go somewhere dark [laughs]. It was pretty easy to go there for this song. What’s hard for me is actually learning how to write like really upbeat, super fun songs. I have been writing a bunch of them … I totally get it, but most artists are a little dark. It’s weird, you know? You’ve got to have that in there, and we all have our own certain style of songs that we are best at writing. I had fun writing it, though. It’s a killer song, and it’s definitely going to be on the next record."

Kelley's current country single, 'Naleigh Moon,' is a tune he wrote about his and Heigl's 3-year-old daughter. The song's video, which can be seen below, was directed by Heigl. Stay tuned to Taste of Country for our exclusive conversation with Kelley about how the lyrics to the song came about.

Watch Josh Kelley's 'Naleigh Moon' Video