Early last year, when Josh Thompson was breaking out onto the Nashville music scene with his debut hit 'Beer on the Table,' he met fellow artist Justin Moore when they played a show together at Johnny and Junes in Winston-Salem, N.C. Following the show, the two singers immediately hit it off and became instant buddies thanks to their shared passion for the same type of music and their joint love for the outdoors, among other things.

"We really hit it off right away," Thompson tells Taste of Country. "He’s really one of my best friends in the industry."

"He is one of my best friends in Nashville, if not my best friend," Moore agrees. "Some people you just hit it off with, and he is definitely one of them. I think 'Beer on the Table' was Top 20 at that point, and [Josh] was still [traveling] in the van. I was at the same exact point a year before that ... 'Small Town USA' had just gone Top 20, and we were still in a van. I knew I was going to like him from the get-go, and that night, he actually brought me a bottle of Jack Daniels. I said, ‘Alright … we’re going to get along pretty good!’ He’s a great guy and another one who’s just extremely talented."

In the past couple of years, Thompson and Moore have had a handful of other opportunities to play shows together, including on Brad Paisley's H2O tour in 2010. During the trek, the two collaborated on song ideas, as well as another thought -- the possibility of one day touring together.

"We just always have a blast when we're together," says Thompson. "I think we could do a tour together, but a short tour, like 10 or 12 dates, because if we toured together for too long, it would probably be reckless [laughs]. I think that our fan bases are pretty close in the sense that it's pretty much the same. It always seems to be a rowdy crowd at our shows. It would be awesome. It would be great to get out on the road and do some shows together."

"I would honestly love that," Moore concurs. "I definitely want to make that happen in the future, and hopefully we can work that out."

If the two join forces in 2011, it will have to be planned around Moore's hectic tours on Rascal Flatts' Flatts Fest trek this summer and Miranda Lambert's Revolution Continues tour later this fall. Thompson, on the other hand, is continuing to headline his own dates throughout the remainder of the year, in between appearances on the 2011 CMT on Tour with Luke Bryan, Lee Brice and Matt Mason, which kicks off this fall.

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