This week (Wednesday, Jan. 4), Josh Thompson braved the chilly Nashville weather to shoot the new music video for his current single, 'Comin' Around.' Thompson informed fans of the day's activities through his Twitter page on Wednesday morning.

"Shootin the video for 'Comin' Around' today," the singer wrote, adding, "I can't believe we found a monkey on such short notice."

Well, there might not have been an actual monkey on set, but Thompson's contribution to the video gave its director, P.R. Brown, exactly what he had in mind when he submitted his treatment for the mini-film.

"When you're shooting a video, before you do, you get treatments: these creative writer/producer/videographers that write you what they would do to your song if they shot a video," Thompson tells The Boot. "I went through 13 of them, and this one, I was like, 'What in the hell?' It was so bizarre and edgy and way out there; almost matched my soul [laughs].

"[The video] consists of me, a vacant field and a carnival," continues Thompson, who shot most of his scenes in front of a green screen, where the imagery will be added in later. "[It's] an old-time carnival with a big wheel that's got some pictures that go back to my grandpa, my parents when they were young, me when I was young, up until the present. It's a menagerie of all the moments that define me, turn a circle and come around. A big carnival pops out of nothing is the one thing that really caught me off guard and caught my attention."

Thompson wrapped his work on the 'Comin' Around' video that same day and anticipates its release in the coming weeks.

'Comin' Around' is the first single from Thompson's highly-anticipated sophomore album, which is slated for release later this year. The tune was penned by Thompson and hit songwriter Rodney Clawson. Click here to read the inspiration behind the song's lyrics.