What do you do when you get dumped on a Friday night? Well, if you're Josh Thompson, you go out with some friends, grab a few drinks and write a catchy, feel-good (if slightly sentimental) song like 'Won't Be Lonely Long.'

"You know, that’s just a song about getting’ broken up with, and this case it happens to be on a Friday night," Thompson tells Taste of Country. "So it’s just about kinda pokin’ fun at a heartache and how easy you can get over it with a couple cold beers and some good buddies."

With that attitude, a night that otherwise might've consisted of sitting at home alone, depressed, turns into a good ol' time out with the crew. In the chorus, Thompson sings:

"I won’t be lonely long by the time that first beer is gone / I’ll be floatin’ on a neon cloud with my friends around / We’ll be raising up our glasses and singing out loud / To those done me wrong, drinkin’ songs / Hey ladies, tonight it’s on / No, I won’t be lonely long."

Just because this 'Way Out Here' track is easy to relate to and straight to the point doesn't mean that the songwriting process was a quick one for the singer and his co-writers.

"That one was definitely longer," Thompson says. "We had the beginning part and we knew the song title. That was all we had the first day. We got back together about three months later, I think, and finally stuck a fork in it."

Here's to hoping that Thompson, who's "tippin’ the band and buyin’ everybody shots, spendin’ every dollar I got," invites us along next time he has a night out like this. In the meantime, he tells us he's busy writing his next album: "To me, it’s like a drug – it’s something that I need to do, so I’ve been writing pretty much non-stop this whole year, just trying to weed through ‘em [the songs] and see what we’re thinking about cutting for the next record."

Watch Josh Thompson 'Won't Be Lonely Long' Performance