Josh Thompson's latest single, 'Won't Be Lonely Long,' is the third release from his 'Way Out Here' album, which the singer released early last year. Since breaking onto the country music scene, Thompson has become a fan favorite and has been involved with some of the most high-profile tours, including runs with Brad Paisley, Hank Williams, Jr., and most recently, Dierks Bentley.

When 'Won't Be Lonely Long' broke the Top 40 on the country singles chart, Thompson felt putting together a music video for the tune would be a special treat for his loyal fans who have given him three consecutive hit singles in a row. The new video captures Thompson's stage show and even has the singer doing a little bit of acting ... but not a far stretch, as he's in great company, surrounded by beautiful women!

"Yeah, it was horrible … all this scripting and all the acting I had to do," Thompson tells Taste of Country with laughter.

The video was directed by Andi Zack, who is a co-writer (along with Ken Johnson) on Thompson's debut single, 'Beer on the Table.'

"She’s been getting into doing small videos for people," Thompson says. "Ken and I were going out to write for a couple of weekends on the road, so I [told Andi] she should bring her new little camera out and shoot a video … we’ll just make a live video, and if it sucks, it sucks, but if it’s awesome, we can give it to GAC and CMT and they can play it. At the very least, service it on the internet or the website or something! So she came out and shot all kinds of footage and put it together. It turned out great! That’s one girl, one camera. It really captured the live show perfectly. She happened to come out on a couple of nights that were sold out and packed. It was great and real fun to shoot!"

'Won't Be Lonely Long' is currently just shy of breaking into the Top 20 on the country singles chart. Thompson is gearing up to hit the road on several headlining shows throughout the summer. For a complete list of dates where Thompson will be performing, click here.

Watch the Josh Thompson 'Won't Be Lonely Long' Video