Josh Turner was in Stockton, Calif. this past Friday night for a concert at the Bob Hope Theatre, which turned out to be just the right setting for a romantic evening a couple fans had planned. The intro to Turner's song 'Would You Go With Me?' started playing, but before his deep voice crooned, he had a dedication: "This song is to Jeff and Alma." When Turner finished the tune, he asked the couple to come up front, and the crowd found out that Jeff had just asked Alma to marry him.

Turner gave the newly engaged couple two thumbs up, according to the Stockton Record, and said, "Just remember: Stay together, all right?" The crowd was awash in smiles and "oohs" and "awws," but that was not the end of the excitement!

As Turner started playing his next song, 'Wouldn't Be a Man,' he was handed a note -- and after reading it, he laughed and replied, "I'm not one to do another man's dirty work."

Fan Eric Nelson was then handed the microphone, and he proceeded to get on one knee and propose to his girlfriend of two years, Jamie Gannon. She said "yes" in front of over 2,000 witnesses. Turner said, "You know the rule, right? What's the rule?" to which the crowd chimed, "Stay together."

Just to make sure he was not leaving anyone out, the 'Long Black Train' singer gazed at his fiddle player with a smile, joking, "You don't have anyone you want to ask, do you? It seems to be contagious."

Turner is currently on tour, and playing next on May 20 in Saint Petersburg, Fla. and then the Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Ga. on May 21. For a complete list of all his concert stops, head to his official site.

Watch the Josh Turner 'Wouldn't Be a Man' Video