If your computer's got good speakers, you'll want to make sure nothing fragile is precariously perched on your desk before you watch the video for Josh Turner's 'I Wouldn't Be a Man.' Otherwise, when this classically trained singer drops into his lower register for the "no holding baaaacckk" line at the end of each verse, things are going to be shaking and falling.

The video finds him strolling around under a moonlight night, admiring a beautiful woman who is walking dreamily around her surprisingly empty house. He goes on to explain that he simply can't resist her charms, and we'd like to point out that if he was less attractive this would be a clear-cut case of stalking. Lucky handsome bastard, it looks like this line is gonna work:

"I wouldn't be a man if a woman like you was anything I could resist / I'd have to be from another planet / Where love didn't exist / I wouldn't be a man if I didn't feel like this."

The song is the third single from Turner's fourth album, 'Haywire.' You can catch Josh Turner tonight, Dec. 6, as he performs on the American Country Awards. And, it just so happens, Taste of Country will be covering live with news posts and photo galleries posted throughout the evening.

Watch Josh Turner 'I Wouldn't Be a Man' Video