In a recent photo shoot with PEOPLE Country, Josh Turner allowed a camera crew into his home so that he could share a look into his personal life with fans, as well as introduce them to his three young sons.

When he's not attending awards shows and selling out concerts, the 'Why Don't We Just Dance' singer is raising three boys under the age of 5 -- Hampton Otis, 4; Colby Lynch, 21 months, and Crawford Marion, 3 months -- which he admits is a job in itself.

"Raising three boys is a huge responsibility for me, especially in this day and time when I look around and there’s a lack of good, strong, upstanding Christian men who are not afraid to be men and just own up to their responsibility," Turner confesses to PEOPLE.

Turner was raised in South Carolina, under the practice of good manners and humble living -- and now that he's in the spotlight with kids of his own, he wants them to live as normal of a life as possible. "If they can see us trying to retain that sense of normalcy and staying grounded and humble throughout all of the photography, video cameras, microphones and crowds … that will be the biggest example for them to know that that stuff doesn’t affect us in a negative way," he insists.

In this new shoot, Turner gives a glimpse of his little guys and admits that he is just raising his family how he believes is right. "Just being a father, for me, is plenty of praise enough," he says of the attention.

He adds, "But to be recognized in any kind of way, shape, or fashion as being a father in country music I think is great. Country music has always been about family and family values ... and that's what I've always been about."