Josh Turner is a father of three boys all under the age of 5, and each of his sons are coming into their own and developing their own personalities. In a recent chat with WYCD, Turner dished about life as boy in the Turner household. He said, "They all have my genes in some capacity, but my oldest definitely has them. The other two? It's a little too young to tell."

His oldest is Hampton Otis, who is 4-and-a-half years old. Hampton is growing up, and just spent the weekend on a trip with his grandparents, Turner said. Hampton is, according to Dad, into sea creatures and he loves country music. Turner said, "He likes sea creatures of any kind, anything in the salt water." While Hampton isn't exactly out in the deep end in full scuba gear, the Turners have been to just about every aquarium in the country.

Turner's middle son is Colby Lynch, and he is "the ladies man. He has curly blonde hair, blue eyes and is just  real mellow and a heartbreaker." Sounds like a cherub, doesn't he? Little ladies, look out! Colby Lynch Turner is a real flirt.

Turner's third son is Crawford Marion, and he's a bit too young to tell what type of kid he'll turn out to be. Iit's Hampton who breaks the most stuff around the house, included a beat up turtle. "It's more of a decoration than anything else in our house, but bless his heart, as he has lost feet, legs, head, cracked his shell. We glued it back together how many times," Turner said. That turtle must have serious sentimental value in the Turner home!

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