In the video trailer for his new album 'Punching Bag,' Josh Turner gives fans an intimate, guided tour, expanding on some of the inspirations, lyrical narratives and the overall vibes of the songs that live on the record. He talks about having endurance and withstanding the inevitable punches life will throw at you –hence the title- and how he values quantity time over quality time, even though most people give lip service to the latter.

"The word that really sums this record up is 'confidence,'" Turner said. He believes he has come into his own on this disc, which is his fifth, and he's proud of it, saying it's "truly my heart and a lot of aspects of it" and that it's "the best collection of songs I can do right now." Turner admitted he is always trying to improve on each previous album and with 'Punching Bag,' he declared, "I feel like I've done that." He also believes that fans will see "I have learned exactly who I am as an artist."

Now about some of the individual tunes that comprise 'Punching Bag?'

Turner opened up about the title track, revealing, "The premise of the song basically came from one of those days that we all have, where nothing seems to go right. Everything is blowing up in your face. I can take all the punches that life is going to throw at me. It's about endurance, stability and being able to withstand the punches that life throws at you every day."

Turner says he fell in love with 'Time Is Love' right off the bat. "It speaks to the idea of quantity time moreso than quality time. Quantity time is the important thing -- spending large amounts of time with people to get to know them better."

He calls 'Find Me a Baby' one of the "happiest sounding" songs he's ever done. He said, "Normally, for me, there's a little bit of lonesome in there. There's no trace of lonesome in this song. It's all sunshine and roses."

And by "sunshine and roses" he means his wife and sons, who came into the studio and sang on the song. It was a Turner family affair.

Watch the video to learn about other tracks and guest stars.

'Punching Bag' lands June 12.


Watch Josh Turner 'Punching Bag' Album Trailer