Julianne Hough has it rough. OK, so admittedly, the actress/musician doesn't have it so bad all the time. But like other celebrities, privacy is a rare treat for the 'Is That So Wrong?' singer, whose cell phone was recently hacked.

Thankfully, the leak of Hough's personal photos, music and information is more of a disgruntling mishap than a completely horrifying experience, as the contents are rather tame (as far as celebrity leaks go). Among them, photos of Hough in her bathing suit, as well as private photos (though not at all X-rated) of her with boyfriend Ryan Seacrest, have surfaced, in addition to new Hough-sung songs -- and unfortunately, her medical insurance card information.

According to Nashville Gab and the Department of Health and Human Services, the release of someone's personal health information is a crime, and can result in 1-10 years in prison and some pretty hefty fines, to the tune of $50,000 to $250,000.

Fans of Hough's music are probably pretty happy, however, as her new album is not scheduled to impact until 2012. The hacking resulted in a handful of leaked tracks, including 'That's What The Night Is For,' 'Mr. Irresistible' and 'On The Verge.' Hough's new film, the remake of 'Footloose,' hits theaters on October 14.