Keenan Cahill is really feeling Blake Shelton's loyal remake of the 'Footloose' theme song in this animated and entertaining lip-synch video -- especially when he literally tries to kick off his Sunday shoes by kicking his feet in the air.

About a minute into the video, Cahill, a self-made YouTube celeb, is joined on the couch by the film's star, Julianne Hough, who plops down next to him and gets in on the lip-synching fun. Hough is super animated and throws her foot up, too, taking her direction from Cahill here and there. What a cute "couple" they are!

If you don't have a serious giggling fit while watching this, you have a hunk of ice for a heart. Seriously. If one of your officemates is having a bad day at work, send them this link and expect cackles to erupt from their cubicle. Who needs karaoke when you can indulge in a little old fashioned lip-synching?

Air guitaring never looked so good, due in part to how hot Hough is. Cahill certainly scored big by getting her to participate in this clip!

'Footloose' hits theaters on October 14. Everybody cut!

Watch Juliannne Hough and Keenan Cahill Take On 'Footloose'