Julianne Hough is fattening up her acting resume and proving to be quite the triple threat as a singer, dancer and in-demand actress. The blond beauty has lined up her latest film, in which she will star opposite funny Brit Russell Brand (also Katy Perry's husband) in a comedy to be directed by Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for writing the teen pregnancy comedy 'Juno.'

The Wrap reports that the comedy, produced by Mandate Pictures, follows Hough's character, a sheltered young woman who heads to Las Vegas after a plane crash causes her to have a crisis of faith. While on her new life journey, she meets up with Brand's character, who helps her unearth her true self, albeit inadvertently. Sounds like a coming of age and "finding yourself" story, and with Brand on the scene, it should be downright hilarious.

The film's working title was 'Lamb of God' but that title has since been scrapped, and it's currently without a title. Cody also wrote the screenplay. This will be her directorial debut.

Catch Hough on the big screen in 'Footloose' next month, as well as in the forthcoming 'Rock of Ages.'