Justin Bieber has dipped his toe in the country waters before with a Rascal Flatts duet and a cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," and on Wednesday night, he showed he's still got interest in the genre. The megastar went in a totally different direction with his own music during a visit to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Sept. 2, putting a new twang on his current electronic-pop song, “Where Are U Now.”

Bieber chatted with Fallon about what he calls a "dolphin sound" on the track, which is really an altered version of his voice, before Fallon challenged him to replicate it. Once the mic is out, though, Fallon had one more request. During rehearsals, Bieber had apparently sung “Where Are U Now” as a country ballad off-handedly for fun, and the host wanted the audience to hear it.

Though he was put on the spot, Bieber stepped right into country mode and gave his best crooner impression, which wasn’t actually half bad, complete with the emotional delivery of a true country ballad. Fallon’s house band, the Roots, even joined in and gave him a suitable backing track.

“I just like it. I just get in the mood,” Biebs joked when asked about what prompted him to sing it that way.

The song’s lyrics even surprisingly suit the style, so who knows, maybe the pop bad boy has a future country album in his back pocket waiting to be made! Check out the full video above to hear Bieber's country chops.

The young pop star is stepping back into the spotlight slowly after a period of tumultuous and public missteps, and he just released his new single “What Do You Mean” which he performed on Fallon — sans twang.

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