'Outlaws Like Me' is full of sing-along anthems including the straight ahead country-rocker 'Beer Time." "When you hear the title 'Beer Time,' you think it's just the same old, drink beer kind of song, which it somewhat is," Justin Moore tells Taste of Country. The song was written by Moore, Jeremy Stover and Rhett Akins.

In the chorus Moore sings, "Cause it's beer time / this whole town's dry / Headed to the county line / For something cold / I need a twelve pack / In a brown paper sack / Ice it down in the back, to the big mud hole / I got my baby and some rowdy friends of mine / It's beer time."

It's easy to relate to this song, because everyone has been in a place where a cold beer was a much higher priority than bills, gas or groceries. "We cracked up at [the lyric] 'The bird dog just had her puppies, that's $100 cash apiece.' I know people back home that are out there selling dogs in the parking lot at Walmart just to pay the rent," Moore confesses.

The second verse is a semi-fictional story of putting a country legend on top of the priority list. "Heard Bocephus was comin' to town and I still had a little cash / I bought a couple of nose bleed ticekts way up in the back / It chilled me to the bone when he sang 'Got a shotgun rifle and a four-wheel drive' / Crowd went crazy and I told my baby / It was worth every dime."

For awhile, it was always 'Beer Time' on a Justin Moore tour and he admits the three songwriters weren't exactly diving into an unknown subject. "You can find one anywhere you go," he says before adding "I've turned down the party meter a little bit."

Taste of Country will be exploring the lyrics of each of the 13 tracks on Justin Moore's new album, leading up to the release date on June 21. Check back tomorrow for the story behind a different song.