Christmas is just a week away, and Justin Moore is hoping that one of his gifts will be that he and his family can celebrate the holidays in their new home. Moore and his family have been living in a temporary home while building their dream house in Arkansas.

“For the holidays in particular, we’re hoping to be moved into our new house that we’re building and have been building for a year and a half,” Moore says in an interview with his label, Big Machine Label Group. “So that would be Christmas present No. 1, the best and the most wanted.”

Moore lives in a home with four women -- his wife Kate and their three daughters. When asked what the holidays are like in the Moore household, he has one word: expensive.

“Really, really expensive,” he jokes. “We’re pretty traditional, man. We just hang out with family, eat really good stuff. My wife makes a gumbo because she’s from south of New Orleans and we just kinda hang with family.”

When discussing his family's dream home earlier this year, Moore told Taste of Country that his wife will be getting whatever she wants as far as the construction. As for Moore? He only had one request: a bar.

“When we did our plans, I told my wife, ‘You can do whatever within reason.’ Colors and the styles, I don’t care nothing about that,” he shares. “I’ve always in my house wanted a real bar, not just a little bar. We’re building a pool house and my office will be above it. There’s a real bar with taps and all that stuff. So when we throw a party we don’t have to have all the idiots in our house, tearing up the house, we can go to the bar. That’s all I cared about, was a bar. That’s probably not surprising.”

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