Justin Moore is not daunted by fatherhood ... any longer. Since children, especially babies, are so delicate and fragile, humans tend to tread lightly and handle them with, well, kid gloves. Moore did so at first, but has since learned that kids are much more malleable than adults give them credit for, and that the only way they will learn about life is by living it, even at a tender age.

Moore and wife Kate have two daughters: Ella Kole, who will turn 2 in February, and newborn Kennedy Faye, who entered the world on Nov. 21. While instinct might have initially guided Moore to be extra careful with his little girls, he has learned  through experience, that they are not porcelain dolls that will shatter or break at every turn.

According to his record label, Valory, Moore recalls, "I accidentally hit [Ella] in the head one time. I just like swung around ... and her nose started bleedin'. And I started cryin'. I'm like, 'Oh my God, what, oh my God, whatta, whatta we do?'"

Kate assured her husband that stuff like that happens in a child's life. Moore continues, 'My wife's like, 'She's fine. It's OK.'"

After this experience, Moore learned to loosen up -- within reason -- and now likens having children to getting a new truck, as only a country singer with a gift for wordplay and metaphor could. Moore says, "For a while, I'm like, 'I don't want her to get a speck of dirt on her.' It's like when you get a new truck and you're, like, keep it clean every few days. Now I'm just like, 'Ehh, let 'er go.' Let her go be a kid.'"

Looks like Justin Moore is living and learning as he navigates fatherhood.