Justin Moore got a big surprise before a show last weekend. The 'Bait a Hook' singer was given this gold belt buckle by two fans, which we wore in Yakima, Wash. After the concert, he tweeted the picture and thanked the loyal pair.

"New belt buckle tonight. Thanks to a couple great fans for the gift!" Moore tweeted after Saturday night's show. "Hank It" is a reference to his song by the same name from his self-title debut album. Despite never becoming a radio single, the song is amongst his fans favorites at live shows. Special thanks to 92.9 The Bull in Yakima, Wash. for pointing out the story and picture.

Moore recently released the new video for his 'Bait a Hook' single. The clip features NASCAR driver Carl Edwards as Moore's nemesis. Edwards plays the role of the pretty boy described in the song, while the singer works to win back the hand of his ex love.

Watch the Justin Moore 'Bait a Hook' Video