Justin Moore lets his fans know how appreciative he is of all they've done for him in 'Flyin' Down a Back Road.' He also assures them success hasn't gone to his head. Moore tells Taste of Country the song was written in the same spirit as 'Small Town USA,' from his debut album, and he'll continue to include songs like this on future projects.

"People want to know what you sound like coming out of the radio but they also wanna know who you are as a person," he says. "They wanna know that opening up for Alan Jackson still gets you excited." The first two verses are focused on the unbelievable experiences he's had since signing a record deal three years ago. "I've been on the Grand Ole Opry / I've played a show with ZZ Top / Went on tour with Skynyrd / And man they still rock," he sings before bridging to the chorus.

"And all that stuff it makes you feel real good / But not near as good / As flying down a back road / With some buddies from back home ... Spottin' deer in the hay field / After church, a Sunday meal / Hugging mama before I go / Flying down a back road."

Jeremy Stover and Jeremy Paulin co-wrote the song with Moore when the three rented a lake house during a rare few days off two years ago. "We've all been buddies for awhile," Moore shares, "and we remember not having one hit on the radio, now we've run a few together. Talking about all the things that I've been able to do, that just kind of makes me scratch my head. That's kind of where this thing came from."

The easygoing ballad feels like a thank you note of sorts, especially during the lyrics in the bridge to the final chorus: "I'm a lucky man, I've got a real good life / With all the things I've done, nothing gets me as high."

Moore says the song is being considered as a possible radio single, but agrees that autobiographical songs often don't make smash hits. Once again, he's found a formula for a great singalong at his concerts.

Taste of Country will be exploring the lyrics of each of the 13 tracks on Justin Moore's new album, leading up to the release date on June 21. Check back daily for the story behind a different song.

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