Justin Moore is an avid hunter -- he even wrote the NRA theme song -- but he understands that not everyone shares his enthusiasm. One of his followers on Twitter went too far however, in protesting the 'Bait a Hook' singer's decision to go elk hunting following a show in Montana.

Things started innocently with Moore tweeting, "Thanks Montana for a great show. Listenin to bocephus on the bus. Gonna try to kill an elk here tomorrow..." A follower with the user name @Tatersauce responded with something a bit more charged, tweeting back, "@JustinColeMoore hope that right before u shoot it u look right in it's eyes and see ur kids and think if that was them."

Three hours and over 20 tweets later the two finally quit arguing -- or maybe Moore just went to bed. WYRK in Buffalo, N.Y. posted a log of the entire conversation, but a few of the highlights include @TaterSauce saying, "@JustinColeMoore if I was illiterate then I wouldn't be reading and sending tweets to a hillbilly. Or do u even know what that word means?"

To which Moore responded, "@Tatersauce I do because I'm proud to be one. So, are millions of my fans. You just offended me, and them."

"@JustinColeMoore cause like all fans, we like the music and stuff but know u people make ur $ then it's all about u and who cares about poor," Tatersauce said. Moore added, "@Tatersauce again, that's an assumption you made. Its not based on facts. Know the facts bout somebody before attacking them. Wish you well."

It didn't end there, but that's the gist of the conversation. Moore actually showed a healthy amount of restraint for someone whose kids were mentioned in such a negative way. @tatersauce says he'll still listen to Moore's music, but we're guessing he's not a big fan of the song 'Guns.'