Justin Moore's latest single, 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away,' is the second time the song is getting radio airplay in the country music format. The song, originally recorded by Rhett Akins in 2006, was written about real life people that the songwriters -- Dallas Davidson, Brett Jones and Rob Hatch -- no longer had in their life.

"The title 'If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away' was something that I came up with," Davidson tells Taste of Country. "I don’t remember if I read that or if it was just one of those things that popped in my head, but when Rob, Brett and I sat down one day, I brought up that title. We were talking about how if heaven wasn’t so far away, how nice it would be to literally hop in your car and go visit a lost loved one. We all pulled from our life experiences."

"If heaven wasn't so far away / I'd pack up the kids and go for the day / Introduce them to their grandpa / Watch 'em laugh at the way he talks / I'd find my long lost cousin John / The one we left back in Vietnam / Show him a picture of his daughter now / She's a doctor and he'd be proud / Then tell him we'd be back in a couple of days / In the rear view mirror we'd all watch 'em wave / Yeah, and losing them wouldn't be so hard to take / If heaven wasn't so far away," Moore sings in the lyrics of the chorus.

"I was thinking about my Granddad," Davidson says. "I think Rob was pulling from his as well, and I think Brett had lost his parents and a brother in Vietnam. Most of the things in that song are real characters. That was one of those chill-bump writing appointments where you try to be tough and try not to cry the whole time you’re writing it. That was a cool one. We didn’t have to try hard on that one. That just kind of popped out."

This week, 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away' takes over the No. 1 video spot on iTunes. The video has also entered the prestigious 'Top 20 Countdown' for both country video networks, CMT and GAC.

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