Justin Moore is no stranger to catchy country hooks and the inspired open road, or being a music cowboy -- an outlaw, if you will. Moore's new album, 'Outlaws Like Me,' dropped on June 21, and the singer took the time to break down the lyrics of each song for Taste of Country, spilling into their back stories like a tale from the old West. Below, you'll find links to each of those stories.

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    'Redneck Side'

    Justin Moore opens up his new album with a song his fans have been singing back at him since before he landed a record deal three years ago. ‘Redneck Side’ is one of two songs Moore didn’t write on ‘Outlaws Like Me,’ but the singer says he knew it’s one he had to have.

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    'My Kind of Woman'

    Great song ideas can strike anywhere, and Justin Moore has learned to take advantage of inspiration no matter how awkward it seems at the time. ‘My Kind of Woman,’ the second track on the album, came out of a completely non-traditional setting.

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    'If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away'

    Moore‘s latest single, ‘If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,’ is the second time the song is getting radio airplay in the country music format. The song, originally recorded by Rhett Akins in 2006, was written about real life people that the songwriters — Dallas Davidson, Brett Jones and Rob Hatch — no longer had in their life.

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    ‘Run Out of Honky Tonks'

    ‘Run Out of Honky Tonks’ is "about the most straight ahead country you can get,” Moore says, stressing that his goal was to make ‘Outlaws Like Me’ a more old-school country album than his self-titled debut.

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    'Beer Time'

    ‘Outlaws Like Me’ is full of singalong anthems including the straight ahead country-rocker ‘Beer Time.” ”When you hear the title ‘Beer Time,’ you think it’s just the same old, drink beer kind of song, which it somewhat is,” Moore tells Taste of Country.

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    'Bait a Hook'

    With ‘Bait a Hook,’ the singer stays true to his stated goal of making this record an old-school country album. The three-and-a-half minute uptempo country swinger pokes fun at ex-lovers who begin new relationships that are doomed. Moore says he and songwriters Rhett Akins and Jeremy Stover were laughing out loud while writing this song.

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    'Flyin’ Down a Back Road'

    Moore lets his fans know how appreciative he is of all they’ve done for him in ‘Flyin’ Down a Back Road.’ He also assures them success hasn’t gone to his head. Moore tells Taste of Country the song was written in the same spirit as ‘Small Town USA,’ from his debut album, and he’ll continue to include songs like this on future projects.

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    'If You Don’t Like My Twang'

    The title ‘If You Don’t Like My Twang’ may sound like a southern redneck anthem, but Justin Moore says the song is about being proud of where you come from: north, south or wherever. The eighth song on his new album ‘Outlaws Like Me’ has Moore on the defensive.

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    The ninth song on ‘Outlaws Like Me’ album is as close to a dare as one can get without using the word. Moore tells Taste of Country that ‘Guns’ was inspired by a random thought during a songwriting session with Jeremy Stover. One of the two friends suggested writing a song called ‘Guns’ after a hard day’s work on ‘My Kinda Woman.'

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    'Sunshine Babies'

    Moore says he remembers the first time songwriter Jeremy Stover brought the title ‘Sunshine Babies’ to him. He hated it. ”He’s like, ‘Trust me, I think it’s really good.’ So I was like, ‘All right, we can try it but I don’t see me ever cutting a song called ‘Sunshine Babies.’”

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    ''Til My Last Day'

    The twangy singer jokes that if he asked for his wife’s approval on every song he writes, he’d never get one recorded. It turns out there’d be at least one she’d say yes to. ''Til My Last Day’ is his wife Kate’s favorite song on ‘Outlaws Like Me.’ In fact, the singer tells Taste of Country it’s her favorite song that he’s ever cut.

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    'Bed of My Chevy'

    Like a number of the songs from Justin Moore‘s new album, ‘Bed of My Chevy’ began as nothing but a cool song title. Moore tells Taste of Country he borrowed a lyric from Jack Ingram‘s ‘Barefoot and Crazy.” “We’ll take a little dip and sleep in the bed of my Chevy,” Ingram sings. For Moore and his producer/co-writer Jeremy Stover, that was enough to inspire a story that just about every young country boy has lived.

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    'Outlaws Like Me'

    There’s a special place in Justin Moore‘s soul for the title track from his new ‘Outlaws Like Me’ album. It’s “without a doubt my favorite song I’ve ever written,” the singer tells Taste of Country. The nearly six-minute long, piano driven ballad tells a story of redemption and change. It tells his story.