There's a special place in Justin Moore's soul for the title track from his new 'Outlaws Like Me' album. It's "without a doubt my favorite song I've ever written," the singer tells Taste of Country. The nearly six-minute long, piano driven ballad tells a story of redemption and change. It tells his story.

"I've been a rough-houser / A good time sleep-arounder / A straight up whiskey pounder / 'Til I don't know my name," Moore sings to start the song.

"Through making this album, and in particular this song, I grew up. I became a better dad, a better husband, and most importantly to me a better Christian."

"I've been a church goer / A front pew Bible holder / A cry on my mama's shoulder / When she saw me change / But each day's a choice, which one I'm gonna be / God bless outlaws like me."

Moore and producer/co-writer Jeremy Stover wrote this song while the 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away' singer was feeling his worst. He says he rolled the title around in his head for some time, but couldn't make the lyrics work. "We wrote it in a nasty hotel room in Arkansas ... hungover one morning. I literally looked in the mirror and was like, 'You suck. You look like hell, and this is just stupid.'"

As he belts out the chorus a second and third time, there's no doubting Moore is singing from his heart. "I've cursed the sun, I've prayed for rain / I run a mile to walk through pain / I've seen the worst and I seen the best that I can be / God bless outlaws like me." While writing and recording songs for this album, Moore admits he was also learning to deal with the many temptations that come with success. He admits to struggling with decisions to chase impulses that don't make his self, or his closest friends and family members, proud. "It's not normal for you to walk onstage and people think everything you do is perfect, and it's tough to adapt to that," he shares candidly.

'Outlaws Like Me' is a fitting end to the album, because it symbolizes Justin Moore's personal growth over the last three years. As the music fades away, one can't help but ponder the decisions made in his or her own life. "If it has that affect on one person out there then I'm doing my job," Moore says.

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