Justin Moore is having a blast being a dad to his 15-month-old daughter, Ella Kole. In fact, Moore says that fatherhood is "by far the coolest thing ever." Perhaps that's because now the 'Small Town U.S.A.' hitmaker has a pint-sized fishing buddy!

Like a proud dad, Moore took to Twitter yesterday to share a photo of him and his toddling daughter posing proudly with a pair of largemouth bass. "Me and Ella tearin up some largemouths!" he tweeted, including the pic of his little one helping her old man hold two fish of her same size.

When Moore isn't out on the water, he's splashing around on stage. His fishing rendezvous yesterday sits between shows in Ohio and Oregon, where he's set to play on May 29.

But just because the country singer is touring doesn't mean he can't be a full-time dad to his baby. Now that she's big enough, she gets to visit him when he's making tour stops. "I'll get to see her a lot more this year, and she'll be old enough to where she can get out and walk around," he tells Taste of Country. "We can take her out to the zoo and all that kind of stuff in different towns."

Fishing included. For more Moore, catch the Arkansas native live when he joins Rascal Flatts on tour this summer.

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