Justin Moore opens up his new album with a song his fans have been singing back at him since before he landed a record deal three years ago. 'Redneck Side' is one of two songs Moore didn't write on 'Outlaws Like Me,' but the singer tells Taste of Country he knew he had to have it when his producer and frequent co-writer Jeremy Stover played it for him nearly eight years ago.

The song's lyrics tell the story of a guy trying to clean up a bit to impress a girl and her parents. During the second verse Moore sings, "I went to meet her family / For a weekend in the sun / A big house on the ocean / Man we were really having fun / 'Til they caught me in the pool, at 2AM / Wearing nothing but a farmer's tan." It's almost too easy to imagine the 'Small Town USA' singer caught in that pickle.

"I cut this when I first moved to town," Moore says, "to try to pitch to get a record deal, and we cut it for the first album, and for whatever reason it didn't make the album." They cut it a third time for the new album, but ended up going back to the original demo because everyone agreed it was the best of the three takes. The voice you hear on the finished track is a 19 or 20-year-old Justin Moore! "He was wanting to pitch it to other artists," the singer says of Stover while laughing. "I've literally had this thing on hold for about eight years."

The lyrics of the chorus are easy to remember and irresistibly singable: "I can't hide my redneck side / It's in my blood 'til the day I die / When I start having a real good time / No I can't hide my redneck side."

Moore says his goal was to make 'Outlaws Like Me' a more country album than his self-titled debut, and 'Redneck Side' sets the tone. Fans chose the songs on his first album, so when it came to choosing tracks for the sophomore effort this song was a no-brainer. "Everybody knows every word to it, and we're going, 'Man, we're gonna' have to put this on an album.'"

Taste of Country will be exploring the lyrics of each of the 13 songs on Justin Moore's new album, leading up to the release date on June 21. Check back daily for the story behind a different album track.

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