Justin Moore's goal was to make 'Outlaws Like Me' a more old-school country album than his self-titled debut. "Every time I say that people look at me like I'm crazy," Moore tells Taste of Country. 'Run out of Honky Tonks' is "about the most straight ahead country you can get," he adds.

'Midnight in Albuquerque / Drunk again on a little Wild Turkey / Damned if her memory didn't show up right on time," Moore begins in the song. The song wasn't inspired by any woman from his or co-writers Jamie Paulin 0r Ashe Underwood's past. They just got together in a room and started making stuff up.

"I just thought, 'Man, George Strait would sound great on this song,'" he says. "But the odds of him cuttin' it aren't real great, so I'm gonna' go ahead and cut this thing." The chorus is another that fans can sing back to Moore during his live set, which is one reason he calls this song amongst his new favorites to play live.

"Bartender set 'em up / As long as she's here might as well stay drunk / Start fresh tomorrow / Somewhere down the road / Shut down another bar / Trying to convince my heart / Somehow, sometime, some place this is gonna' work / What if I run out of honkytonks, before I get over her?"

'Run out of Honky Tonks' is a good ol' 'tear in my beer' classic, and the song's storyteller leaves no hope for redemption. "Started out in Little Rock / I've lost track of everywhere I've stopped / Can't seem to drink enough to out run the pain," Moore sings to close the second verse. Fans of classic country will love this song.

Taste of Country will be exploring the lyrics of each of the 13 tracks on Justin Moore's new album, leading up to the release date on June 21. Check back tomorrow for the story behind a different song.