Justin Moore has connected with Cabela's again but, this time, it's to remind us how important it is to disconnect. The singer covered "What a Wonderful World" in an effort to get folks to unplug for one day.

Moore, who has three little girls of his own, knows the importance of connecting with what's important — family, the great outdoors — so he leant his voice to a beautiful ad to support that. The commercial, sponsored by Cabela's, shows imagery of green grass, beautiful sunsets, fly-fishing and a dad and a daughter enjoying time outside. The families in the video fish and camp and spend time together in nature. The video is absolutely stunning and has a powerful message to boot, all set to Moore's rendition of the song.

The "What a Wonderful World" commercial ends in a surprising way. A young girl is watching all of these beautiful North American scenes unfold in front of her, but instead of living it, she's watching it from her tablet.

"Lets show her the real wonderful world and disconnect for a day," the ad reads at its conclusion. That's the premise behind the video.

Cabela's is hosting World Disconnect Day on May 1 and to help excite country fans about the day, they're giving away a free download Moore's version of "What a Wonderful World" on that day only. Visit the Disconnect Day website to sign the pledge to unplug.

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