If you had never heard the original, you’d think Kacey Musgraves’ cover of the Mary Poppins tune “A Spoonful of Sugar” was the first and only one. The throwback-country singer-songwriter is a part of a new compilation album titled We Love Disney, featuring artists from all genres covering some of the most beloved songs from Disney movies, but her version of the tune could have been on Pageant Material, and we wouldn’t have complained.

Musgraves’ version makes the song, originally sung by the iconic Julie Andrews, come alive in the country genre, as if it had always been that way. Its two-step sound and Musgraves’ quirky personality mesh perfectly with the whimsical nature of all Disney songs, creating a unique take on the original.

Musgraves says she had a blast recording it.

“It’s kind of this really fun western swing, like very Disney,” she shares with Spin. “There’s bird whistling and it’s so fun. It was one of the funnest things. I do love getting outside of my world and stepping into a challenge like that. Especially if it is like a whimsical, larger-than-life kind of thing. I really actually love the music of Toy Story, especially the first one. Those are the songs that I feel like… they’re the type of songs that are just engrained in you since you were a kid and you can’t help but associate them with nothing but fun. Also there’s something very classic about those songs. They weren’t written to appease today’s generation or the next one. They’re just the songs.”

Listen to Musgraves’ version of “A Spoonful of Sugar” above.

The country singer has been on the Kacey Musgraves Country & Western Rhinestone Revue tour around the country, performing songs from her first record Same Trailer, Different Park and most recent sophomore effort Pageant Material. The Grammy winner is slated to perform at the upcoming CMA Awards Nov. 4, where she is up for Album of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year and Music Video of the Year.

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