If you saw UFOs on several different occasions, wouldn't you be afraid of aliens too? Kacey Musgraves spilled that little known fact, and 24 others, about herself to US Weekly recently, once again proving why she's country's quirkiest cutie.

We've rounded up the biggest secrets, and they might surprise you. Or give you even more reasons to love the 25-year-old Texas native.

  • She used to belly dance
  • She arrived a month early on the day of her baby shower at 4 lbs., 14 oz.
  • She still owns her first car, a 1967 Ford Mustang
  •  She once owned a pet sugar glider (a gliding possum) named Icarus.
  • She played flute in her middle school band... and wasn't very good at it
  • She's currently in the process of helping creatively to develop a vodka company called Zodiac
  • She's always wanted to go to India
  • She once saved a mouse from getting hit in the middle of Music Row in Nashville
  • She once went on a bigfoot hunt. No, she didn’t find him
  • She framed a joint from Willie Nelson

Musgraves just released the follow-up to her 2013 record Same Trailer, Different Park, the highly anticipated Pageant Materialon June 23. The debut single off the project, "Biscuits," has recently been accompanied with a music video. The scene depicts something straight out of an old Western variety show, including all the fringe. Complete with churning butter, animated biscuits, square dancing and a man dressed as an ear of corn, the singer's whimsical attitude shines brightly through the tongue-in-cheek anthem.

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