Kacey Musgraves wrestled with one of the most challenging cover songs of all time during a recent Grand Ole Opry performance, and came away with breath to spare. Watch as she sings “I’ve Been Everywhere,” a song popularized by Hank Snow and later Johnny Cash.

Musgraves' performance came during the Opry Goes Pink event in October. While the singer has always shown a preference for songs that swing, she takes it to a whole new level on this wordy cover song. Try to keep up with her as she rattles off city after city.

Hank Snow first made "I've Been Everywhere" popular to American audiences, but the song has been covered frequently by artists like Lynn Anderson and Cash. While first a song about Australian cities, it's been retooled for American, British and New Zealand audiences. We're going to set the a challenge for Musgraves now ... include the British version on your next studio album!

OK, perhaps her record label wouldn't be as enthusiastic about that idea as we are. The Texan is still working songs to radio from her Pageant Material album, released in June. "Biscuits" and Dime Store Cowgirl" have been the two radio singles thus far. In 2016 she'll continue her headlining tour across North America, and open for George Strait in Las Vegas.

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