Nearly a week after Kane Brown announced the release of his debut EP, the singer is sharing a snippet of new music with his fans. Brown played nearly a minute of a new song called "Granddaddy's Chair" while seated in his friend's car.

"We finally got the song back about my Granddaddy," he explains in the above clip. "I've had it for two years, the first verse, and I never finished it. My best friend Brandon and Kenny my drummer, they recently lost their granddads and encouraged me to finish this song."

Adds Brown, "Everything written in this song is all true. Everything we've ever done is in this song. One of the main things I used to do was pretend rodeo in front of his chair 'cause he got sick and he never left his chair. This song is called 'Granddaddy's Chair.' I hope you like it."

The stripped down song features Brown's vocals at the forefront with acoustic guitar accompaniment. In the song, he details his grandfather's life and how he hopes to make him proud.

"Quick to love and slow to anger / No you never met a stranger / I hope one day when you're looking down on me / I make you smile, I make you proud / I may not be there now / But I hope one day I'll be man enough to be sitting there, in my Granddaddy's chair," he sings.

Brown will release a five-song EP, Chapter 1, on March 18. The singer-songwriter co-wrote four of the five tracks, working with writers Chris Young, Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge.

“I’m so excited to release Chapter 1 — my fans have been so patient and supportive as I’ve worked on this project!” Brown says. “From the writer’s room to the studio to playing these songs night after night on tour, it’s been an incredible experience. I’m grateful to my fans and can’t wait for what’s to come in the future but right now let’s start with Chapter 1!”

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