Kane Brown is no stranger to the game ‘Would You Rather?' When asked if he would answer some fun questions for us, he responded, “Oh no, We’ve been playing this all week."

Taste of Country had some fun with Brown as he explained why he would rather mess up onstage, why he prefers smaller, intimate shows and two pop stars he would love to have dinner with. The country singer is currently working on his debut full-length album, pulling advice from tourmates Florida Georgia Line.

ToC: Would you rather be in the studio, or on tour?

Kane Brown: That one’s hard, I guess I’ll say in the studio just because I like giving my fans new music. If I’m on tour I can’t record new music.

Would you rather mess up onstage, or be late for a show?

I'd rather mess up onstage just because I’ve messed up before and I’ve always fixed the problem and I usually laugh at it. It just shows that you’re not perfect and that everyone makes mistakes.

Would you rather play small club shows forever, or play big festivals forever?

I guess I’d say small club shows, because everything is close and personal and you interact with your fans. You get to be even more close to the people that support you.

Would you rather tour with someone you didn’t respect, or tour with someone who didn’t respect you?

I guess tour with someone that didn’t respect me just so I can try to earn their respect.

Would you rather have drumsticks for hands, or accordion for legs?

Drumsticks for hands, I just think that would be awesome. I feel like I’d be a great drummer if I had drumstick hands. [Laughs]

Would you rather have lunch with a musician currently alive, or one who has passed? Who would it be and why?

I’d probably say I’d go to lunch with Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez, whichever one. I just think they’re both gorgeous.

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