Katie Armiger continues to mature and prove she's a talent to be taken seriously. Her new song 'Scream' may be her most polished and professional single to date. The 20-year-old singer shows off her big voice on this song about dealing with getting dumped.

While reckless emotion is a hot trend right now, Armiger's more graceful reaction to getting dumped stands out. "Guess I didn't know how to take it, that night we had that talk / Found out about my replacement, I just smiled and shook it off / I didn't ask you any questions, didn't beg you to stay / You said you knew that I would understand, then I watched you drive away," she sings in the first verse.

The chorus is a wall of perfectly produced sound. "I scream at the top of my lungs / Yeah, I come undone / I crash my broken glass when no one's around / I cry out / In the silence I can't take / To cover up the sound it makes when I let my heart break / I scream."

Armiger's sound is pop-country, and she's wise to continue to stay true to that style. Her music likely won't resonate with lovers of other Texas born country females like Sunny Sweeney and Miranda Lambert, but fans of Taylor Swift and the Band Perry would be wise to check this beauty out.

Listen to Katie Armiger, 'Scream'